There is No Such Thing as Corporate Culture - Only Character or Ethos

It has become vogue for companies to speak of themselves to both outsiders and insiders in terms of their "corporate culture". It is often referenced in an attempt to differentiate itself from other companies, to attract and retain employees, as well as customers. Well according to author Keith McFarland, in his book, The BreakThrough Company: How Everyday Companies Become Extraordinary Performers, there is no such things as corporate culture in breakthrough companies, only character. Corporate platitudes, slogans, and handbooks do not truly define a company, if there is a lack of character. Additionally, character cannot be formed by handbooks, HR programs or cool Facebook pages. No, c

Are You Working More IN Your Business, Than ON It?

Are you working more IN your business than ON it? Do you find your time being consumed by "urgent" matters, as opposed to things you would really like to do? Do you find yourself moving from one demand on your time to the next, whether they are truly important or not? Do you find yourself with little or no time to work on truly strategic initiatives? What about your vision, the reason you originally went into business? Do you have time to think about that? If you are are like many owners building a business, you find yourself spending too much of your time responding to "urgent" matters - that may or may not be helping you to achieve your vision. If this is a challenge you face there are

Will You Run Out of Capital Before Achieving Your Vision?

One of the greatest risks any business faces is running out of capital when you need it the most. This can be the difference between achieving breakthrough growth, barely surviving or potential business failure. Unfortunately, it typically happens when you least expect it and often to businesses that thought they had adequate capital. When a business runs out of capital or hits a wall with their bank, then they are left to negotiate from a position of weakness, not strength, not only with their capital sources but with their employees. Once employees begin to question a company's capital position, it can have a disastrous affect on morale, lead to turnover and even the inability to attract