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  Financial Services and Payments  Industries

Fractional Executive Resources


We have over 30 years of financial services industries including, credit unions, payment processing, commercial banking, M&A Due Diligence, and public accounting .  Because of our experience we know first hand that most growing financial services organizations are often balancing the challenges of adapting their vision and plans to continually changing market dynamics that require outside resources to help navigate and build appropriate strategies to address.  


We offer our clients the opportunity to leverage our deep experience, at a fraction of the price of hiring full time executives.  Of course, our ultimate goal is to work ourselves out of a position, by helping our clients to build the strategic plan, the team, and the capital structure needed to achieve their vision for growth.  


A unique feature of our model is the ability to help organizations to truly integrate their vision into every facet of their business.   As such, we will ensure that every area of service we provide is truly aligned to help the business achieve its vision.   

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