• Joe Valentic

10 Reasons to Re-Read Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude

I have recently started rereading the book Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude for the third time. Please know that I rarely read any book more than once, let alone three times. As I started rereading, I thought it might be helpful to share some of the reasons to encourage others to reread this book or read it for the first time.

Ten Reasons To Re-Read

  1. Diving back into this book was like entering a conversation with a dear old friend that I had not seen in awhile. It immediately generated a sense of familiarity and comfort, but also excitement to get back together.

  2. This book, like any great personal development book, has the ability to break our minds free of the day to day routine and difficulties that tend to pile up to keep us looking down or backwards, rather than forward and up.

  3. The true stories that fill this book are really incredible examples of what is truly possible with a positive mental attitude, not just someone's platitudes or pearls of wisdom.

  4. The book has a gentle, but affirmative way of helping to hold you accountable.

  5. The book has so much to offer I have already found things I do not remember reading previously, after reading only one chapter.

  6. After a year since my last reading of this book, I have new context with which to understand and apply the material.

  7. Re-reading this book is giving me the opportunity to re-examine the great action steps it lays out to help develop and maintain a positive attitude.

  8. The book wonderfully integrates positive mental attitude with 16 other success factors, which provides a great check-up for virtually all facets of your personal and career development.

  9. The book is so rich in suggestions that you will never perfect them in one reading or in one year.

  10. You can never have too much encouragement!