• Joe Valentic

A Leadership Fable for the Ages

In sales training there is a great mantra that is often heard: "Facts tell and stories sell". Well that mantra does not only apply to sales. Sometimes the best way to learn something is in the form of a story. This is particularly true when the subject matter may be something that seems so familiar and we have heard so much about in the past. This is exactly the case with James Hunter's book: The Servant.

Hunter's book takes a subject that many of us have read or heard so much about and presents it in a very poignant, almost parable like story format. His style of story telling is reminiscent of Og Mandino, as is the power of his message! His story telling capability is not to be out done by the fresh information he brings to a well covered subject. The story is not only informative, but truly moving. It is one that I will personally be returning to, in both business and in my family life. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. For anyone who truly wants to continue to develop an understanding of what real leadership is, not only in a career setting, but in their family, and community, this is a must read.