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"I had the pleasure of working with Joe for over eight years in his position as Board Member at Alliance Catholic Credit Union.  His diverse knowledge has allowed Joe to serve as Treasurer and has been on multiple committee assignments for the executive committee and compensation committee.  In each position, Joe has demonstrated his strong communication skills along with his business acumen.

Over the years, Joe has been an integral part of the Board of of Directors that has led the credit union through significant times of change and growth.  Most notably, Joe provided strategic guidance through a merger between two area credit unions that resulted in our current organization.  His knowledge in multiple disciplines such as finance, commercial lending, payments and strategic planning provided a valuable source of knowledge throughout the process.  

I highly recommend Joe to any organization that is interested in continued success. 


Rob Grech

President/CEO at Alliance Catholic Credit Union

We engaged Joe Valentic to arrange the capital for a planned acquisition of a competitor’s health care facilities. We engaged the firm to replace another investment banking firm that we did not believe was representing our best interests. Inveniam was able to quickly assess our situation and confirm that we could obtain materially better terms through their sources. Ultimately, they were able to deliver financing options for us that were 425 to 650 basis points lower than the ones arranged by our original firm, as well as, providing multiple options.

Joe's success in delivering these results was supported by the creation of a well-crafted pitch deck that included in depth proforma modeling to demonstrate both the success of our business and the growth potential post acquisition. The materials well represented our business and its vision.

The process of working with Joe was smooth, with regular communication and timely execution of their deliverables. In the end, we would highly recommend Joe to other firms seeking capital to achieve their vision.


Dr. Daniel Akers

CEO of Express ER


Preston True

Certified EOS Implementer - True Pointe Advisors

I have known Joe for about 5 years. In that time, I have had the opportunity to interact with him professionally and personally in multiple capacities. My first and most significant experience with Joe was when he engaged our firm to help implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) at company in which Joe was the CFO and COO. This was a middle market firm with 50 employees in the financial technology sector.

In the process of implementing EOS, I had the opportunity to work with Joe through the restructuring of the business model. During this process, I got to see Joe champion the
implementation of EOS, the establishment of the company’s first strategic planning, the restructuring of the company’s management hierarchy and the roll out of the EOS process to the employees. I was also able to work with Joe’s direct reports and the company leadership. Based on this in-depth experience and my experience working with dozens of other businesses, I feel well qualified to provide this reference. 


Joe demonstrates excellent strategic planning and execution capabilities. He clearly understands how to translate vision into executable plans and to integrate this into an organization’s operations. Joe also demonstrates true leadership capabilities, being able to gain the trust and loyalty of his management team and the employees, while leading them through significant change. His ability to gain people’s trust and lead them was driven in part by his steadfast commitment to integrity and open communications. Joe’s ability to take the complex and translate it into highly effective written and oral communications was also a key to
his success.

In addition to the EOS implementation, I had the opportunity to work with Joe on the board of a $375MM credit union. During that time, I was able to witness Joe leveraging his leadership and strategic planning abilities to assist this credit union with its strategic planning and oversight.  Joe was very well respected by the Board and the Executive leadership.

Based on my in-depth experiences with Joe, combined with my deep experience working with middle market organizations, I feel very confident recommending Joe to any middle market firm looking to either hire him as a strategic leader or to leverage his skills as a strategic consultant.  In addition to his technical skills, I have also come to know Joe as man of honor and integrity. He is well regarded by all those I have worked with who knew him. Joe would be a real asset  for any organization with whom he works.

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