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Our Story, Vision and Core Values

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The Growth Advocate was founded by Joe Valentic out of a passion for helping people to grow and be the best they can be.  We are committed to serving the needs of leaders who are looking to achieve the full potential for their people and their organization. 


This vision is the result of real life lessons learned by serving small and middle market businesses for over 30 years.  In his career, Joe has had the opportunity to see inside thousands of businesses, which has helped him to develop an intimate understanding of what businesses really need to achieve their vision for growth.  The diversity of companies he has seen is augmented by the diversity of roles he has served, including business founder, executive leadership (CEO, CSO, CFO and COO roles), board member, trusted adviser /consultant, investment banker, commercial banker and public accountant (Deloitte).


Our vision synthesizes not only 30 plus years of experience, but the ongoing study of the best minds in economics, strategy and leadership.  Because of the breadth and depth of this experience and learning, we are able to bring a holistic 360 degree perspective to solving our clients needs.  This unique perspective enables us to truly integrate a business's vision for growth into executable strategic plans and then assists them in prioritizing and obtaining the resources needed to execute on these plans.  This integrated approach to strategy and execution ensures that a business owner, its team, and its advisers are operating under a unified vision of growth, with the end objective of optimizing the value created for the shareholder and all stakeholders. 


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We are passionate about helping people and their businesses achieve their true potential for growth.  Our vision is to help leaders, and the organizations they serve, to reach their full potential.  We will accomplish this through a unique service model that integrates the delivery of strategic planning and the financial and leadership resources needed to achieve their vision.   



We do not believe in corporate culture – we believe in character.     



We believe that if you seek to first add value to others, value will come to you.


We believe in excellence for the sake of excellence and this is our service model.


We believe in truth as the objective goal and guiding principal of how we interact with our clients, our employees and stakeholders that are a party to our work. 


Be the Best Version of Yourself

We believe that everyone is uniquely created and has unique values to offer.  We believe in helping our clients, our partners and our employees to be the best people they were created to be. 

Joseph Valentic
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