• Joe Valentic

What Can the Success of Google Maps Teach Every Business

Google Maps is one of the most well known applications in the world. It has become ubiquitous in the worlds of computers, phones, and even cars. No one can question the success of this application. However, we can discuss and learn from why this application is so successful and apply these lessons for virtually any business that seeks to grow.

What are the two most important reasons for Google Map's success?

One might argue that it is the incredible algorithms and artificial intelligence created to run the app, but that is not it.

One might argue that part of it is the highly sophisticated integration of satellite data, but this not it either.

You might say that the time invested in building and continually updating the actual maps is the reason for success, but this is still not it.

Someone might argue that it is their standard integration with every Android based phone and even Apple's decision to continue to keep the app, despite having its own mapping application. But again, this is not the reason for their success.

You might say that the company's integration of the app into social media for business reviews and recommendations is a key to success. But this is not one of the primary reasons.

The primary reasons for Google Maps success are two. First, it knows where you are going and second it knows from where you are starting. If not for those two data points, absolutely nothing else in the application matters. Stop and take that in, as this bears repeating. If not for knowing where you are going and where you are starting from, virtually none of the other factors in the application mean anything. But it is not just knowing in general where you are going, it is also the specificity of those points. If there was any lack of clarity in either of those points, the application could not accurately function and would never have achieved its success.

So it is with any business. If you do not have an absolutely clear understanding of where you are going and a clear and factual understanding of where you are starting from, you cannot map a course to where you are going, and without that map, long term success is not possible. In the word's of one of my favorite movies, Second Hand Lions, there is a scene in which Uncle Hub tells his young nephew Walter, who is impassioned to set out on journey: "Yeah, a man needs a good map, that's for sure." Many businesses have a passion around their general vision or product, but have not really built a map to success.

By contrast, when a business does know where it is going and from where it is starting, then you are able to not only create a map, but you can then expand on that map. You can create not only an initial plan, but like Google Maps, you can plan for ways to continue building off that map. You can create a plan that enables you to maintain sustainable advantages and to create new ways to monetize them.

If you do not have clarity on where you are going or where you are at today, do not panic, because you are not alone. However, do not wait any longer. Take action today to clarify your vision and determine honestly from what position you are starting. Then you will be on the road to building your map to success.

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